Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Feelin' ....groggy.

Yep I have a full blown cold/flu type thing. Running nose, achy body, headaches Ive got it all. I am taking all kinds of stuff to weather the storm though, like Vitamin C and this stuff called Cold-FX. I am waiting to see how the FX stuff will impact my cold and hopefully get rid of it.

Even with my cold, I watched the Inauguration of Barak Obama today. I felt really good listening to his speech and knowing my vote counted. And I may have cheered when Bush got onto the helicopter. I like to think of it as Texas is getting their village idiot they lost 8 years ago.

Another thing, this might shock my family members but: I like lettuce. Romain to be more precise, I really like eating it. As long as it does not have any kind of sauce then I will chow down on it all the time. I know its like the Twilight Zone for my family but its true.

Aside from that stuff, there is not really much going on here, just looking for a car waiting for Costco to call back and say, "You start tomorrow at 8AM." I just need to get over this cold first...then I will gladly be more out going, but its been pretty nice here in Calgary lately so I cant really complain. Oh, speaking of Calgary, I will make a post about a famous drive-in burger shop in the near future. Unless I already did...Oh well. It begs to be repeated if thats the case.


Timmah said...

You voted for Obama, and then left the friggin country you hoser!

Rach said...

No Joke! Your vote counted to screw us over!!! urggg....
Good job on liking lettuce though