Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hittin the pavement...

Lookin for work today. I have a job already but its part-time and can only cover my expenses right now. Having a little bit more money and moving out of my grandmothers house would be ideal so right now thats what I'm doing, looking for work. With this recession coming around, people are tightening their work budget, and are getting really picky about who they hire. Everyone wants somebody with experience in that field, but the problem is that I dont have experience there. I wont let it stop me though, I am determined to get this underway and with two jobs here pretty quick. Traveling on the bus is not that bad...when its ON TIME! GRRrrr....

I will explain what happened on Saturday, I took the first bus which was waiting for me there at the bus-stop but the second one I had to wait for like 40-50 minutes for! It was silly, making people wait. I was not late as I left an hour early for work but still, it must be very frustrating for people in a hurry...I guess thats why they drive cars. Anyway, another thing happened yesterday, which I will note was pretty awesome for myself: a hot girl sat next to me on the bus. Thing is the bus was not very full in the first place so it was kind of a little special bonus. Savor the small victories right?

Anyway, I should get back to filling out applications online and sifting through Craigslist and Kijiji and see what I can find in the ocean of job openings. I have a few in mind from co-workers recommending stuff to me, but who knows right? I gotta see where the bus routes go so I can get to Costco and turn in my applications and all that stuff.

OH! I am getting my computer shipped to me here in the Great North so I wont be on my grandmothers all the time, though she doesnt really mind it much, but it allows me to import all of my music from my computer to my iPhone and have loads of music to play. Another thing, I finally figured out how to import video onto my iPhone since 2.2 came out!

This is the easy way I found, you convert the video to an .MP4 so it can be read by iTunes and import it in there. When it comes around as a Movie, you have to right click the movie and edit it from a Movie to a TV Show and fill in some info to fool iTunes into making it a TV Show and it will automatically import into the iPhone! It took me forever to find out how and rummaging through websites it came to me: ""well if it only imports TV shows...how about I make my movie a show?" and it WORKED! It made me really happy.

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Timmah said...

I have your PS3 on my new 47 inch HDTV!! I don't however have any controllers, or games :o( very sad day for the tim! Where the heck did you put all that stuff? I went in the storage, and didn't find anything but the PS3. That was it! JUst the PS3. Anyways, If mom shipped the controllers up to you....could you ship at least one back to me? Thanks brotha,