Friday, January 16, 2009

Long Night...

I was working today, not looking for a job, but the other one remember? Safeway? Yep that one. Anyway, I was working in the grocery section of the store today and I was putting some canned goods away onto the shelf and I noticed that some of the cans had pretty bad dents and bends in them. I told him, "hey we cant sell these because they are dented pretty badly." He looks me over and says, "just put them on the shelf." My mental jaw dropped, does he not know that you can get Botulism from that kind of stuff?

Anyway, I was kind of like freaked out for the rest of the day, I wanted to go through the entire canned section and look for dented cans. I am totally paranoid that way but I guess it pays to be with that kind of stuff right? I dont know if its just me, but you kind of got to pay attention to those things.

Besides me being paranoid about dented cans, work went pretty uneventful. I gotta hit the streets tomorrow, well technically today and look for some work. I could get more hours at Safeway, but its kind of frightening when management doesnt care about the products they well, especially if its food. He also has this kind of weird twitch when he talks its really kind of creepy.

Sorry, moving to a different topic. What different topic I have no idea. OH the fact I need to go pick up some A+ Certification books tomorrow at a discounted price, at a book store is high priority on my list today since it will take me from working Produce to working on Computers at someplace like Best Buy or Future Shop or any little family PC business anywhere. I really need to get on that badly. Oh, another thing I have found in the iPhone App Store is the Facebook application which is pretty cool, it helps me keep track of everything thats happened in the past day and I can even upload photos that I take from my phone directly to the Albums! Technology is amazing and its changing all the time.

I think that will be all for me tonight, and my Brotha Tim, I will send your controller to you tomorrow! I promise to get it to you in the mail while I am out today. Oh and I dont know if I will sell my PS3 to ya. That model I have kind moved in to the 'collectors' realm now with people scrambling to get their hands on one. A quick browse through ebay will show it.

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