Friday, December 26, 2008

iPhone Version 2.0

>_< I did it. I said I was going to do it all along and even I thought I wouldnt do it. I have an iPhone 3G charging in my room right now. Its the most wonderous piece of tech I own! Thats saying something considering how much I actually own!

I just did the rounds and put important numbers into the phone and the coolest thing is I can recieve an UNLIMITED number of messages! Yep, so when people are feeling down or whatever, they can send me a message. Take note that I only have 75 messages to reply with for a whole month but I hardly ever use that much anyway. Oh, Merry Boxing Day! For those not in the know, Boxing Day here in Canada is when we box up all of our food from last night's meal and go spend it with loved ones.

Well a long time ago it was like that but now its more of a shopping day than anything else. I dont really mind as much, because people will be people and do what they want. Im going to make this post short because I am going to play with my iPhone...I might buy some apps from the App Store and get some things on there first.

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