Sunday, December 7, 2008

Good Food...

Here is the situation: Its snowing outside fairly heavily and I am hungry. I know there are things to eat inside the house, but I discovered yesterday that the bus to take me downtown also goes past 16th street. What is on 16th street you ask? Only the best burger stop in the ENTIRE WORLD! Peter's Drive-In. Now, just to get down there is 2.50 and taking the bus back is another 2.50; so just for there and back is 5 bucks.

Would it be worth it to trudge through the snow, wait in the bus stop and travel down to 16th street for one of these fantastic burgers? I would have to say yes. Thing is, it would only be my 2nd time having Peters's since I moved here two weeks ago. Two weeks, thats how long I have gone without their fantastic burgers smothered in BBQ with relish and onions(I would take the onions off. Dont like 'em) and cheese. It gives me goose bumps just thinking about chowing down on one of those burgers.

Or I could do something smart like buy a pair of water-proof snowboots to surivie me the rest of the winter since all I have are my runners. Hm...I am going to make some hot chocolate and think it over before I do anything, since I have already been outside today.

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