Saturday, November 29, 2008

Its all about how...

You dress for an Interview! I wore a white shirt, tie, black pants + belt and had my hair moussed and lookin' sharp. Least to say, I got a phone call from the head honcho from Safeway and starting Monday I am going to be the second in command of the Produce section! Its quite nice, though we will start at 7AM meaning I have to find a bus schedule and get my butt out of bed and onto the bus! But thats not a problem...I just have to find out what time the bus leaves so I can catch it Monday morning.

It is pretty standard: Black pants, white shirt, and shoes that are polishable. Hm...not too sure about that last one, but finding shoes wont be a big deal. All I have are sneakers, and that probably wont be allowed. I imagine it will be black laceless shoes; but those work for me too. I will be making 10.95/HR and if the actual Produce guy leaves for vacation or something I get his wage! Cool huh? I don't know if I want this thing to be long term, since Costco or Best Buy or Future Shop calls and wants me in for an interview. Like to keep the options open ya know?

I am slowly but surely on my way to getting my own place and living on my own for a bit. Sure stuff is expensive, but other than work, what do I have? Nothin. Almost all of my tech is boxed away in a cold, damp storage unit down in Oregon. I might kind of scope out the scene for rentals or a roomate situation at work after a little while or something. Maybe even enough for an iPhone.

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Rach said...

GOOD JOB TYSON!!! Just stick with it! You'll catch on..and make sure you ask questions! Bosses like to know that your at least trying to learn. WAHOOOO