Wednesday, November 19, 2008

First Day.

So. First day here in Canada, I managed to get my SIN number all right and I am up and looking for a job. But there are a few more things I need like my drivers lisence and a passport. I have both of those in an American flavour but since I am living here in the Great North I think it would be best to get them.

I took the buses down to the CTrains which is Calgary Trains and transportation. I am making a Mental Note right now: Always carry at least 5 dollars change. Coin change. I found that out the hard way today while the bus driver was very nice. Taking the trains downtown was interesting; its amazing how many people they pack into them and are able to make it almost on time all the time.

Yesterday my grandmother tells me where the Government of Canada building was, telling me it was taking a left and walking two blocks. Getting off the train I started right. However after the first block it came to a dead end where the road stopped. I traveled back to the Municipal building of Calgary and asked for directions. Turns out it was take LEFT two blocks. No problem so I cross the two blocks and get to the Government building; and I apply for my SIN card.

No joke the whole process from me walking in and walking out with a SIN number was about 30-45 minutes tops. I was really impressed with the speed and accuracy of Government of Canada. Comming home on the buses I picked up applications to Superstore, basically a Fred Meyer or a smaller WalMart and plan on filling it out tomorrow. However I would like to work someplace where I can apply my computer knowledge like Future Shop or Best Buy or London Drugs.

Well...My legs are achy from wandering around Downtown and waiting for the bus so I will bid you all goodnight.

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Rach said...

Well at least it was easy!!! haha, now you just have to get a job!