Monday, November 10, 2008

Hello all.

Why am I making a blog post at roughly 8 AM? Well...its not a long story so I will tell you: See, I was sleeping yesterday for a solid 10 hours or so, and then 1 AM rolled this morning and I decided to get some sleep, and here I am; 7 hours later and feeling good.

My bus ticket is all said and done. I leave at 10:45 AM on Monday the 17th. Thats in a week, and it costed me 120 for the entire trip, all the way to Calgary. My stuff is all packed away, TV, Wii, PS3...most of my life is packed away in boxes right now and I am staying at my older sister's until I leave in a week. In the mean time, I still have to rummage through my things and decide on what I am taking to Canada.

Really, idealy I would only take two bags and my carry-on. I am hoping to narrow my two garbage bags and two suitcases down to just the suitcases. Im really excited for this to be happening. That remindes me, I really need to call my grandmother today and tell her I am leaving on Monday and see if she will be in town to pick me up.

Well, the clothes will not organize themselves and I probably need a shower after my sleep. Long sleeve and long pants are my priorities since it will be snowing there in Calgary and thankfully I have winter pants and jacket to get me through the cold. Though I will take dry, desert cold rather than raining, wet cold any day of my life.

Also, I just realized the ironic: I voted, but am leaving the country. Oops. My bad.

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