Friday, November 28, 2008


So I thought it went pretty well. I like to think I will be the one called back on Monday for the Produce section of Safeway here just a few blocks away from me. It starts at a decent wage and could hopefully transform into something I could look into for long term. But that is still a ways off since I want to get back in school and get a degree and work at a job I love.

It has been crazy for the past several days here. First I baby sat my cousin for a good part of the day, she mostly watched TV and played games on the computer. She was really sweet and nice, and now with my other cousins, they are quite the handful. One is about 4 and likes to smile and talk alot, and run kind of wild around the house sometimes, but hes a good guy. The other one, he is just a little toddeler and he gets into EVERYTHING. Any button that is within his reach absolutely must be pushed; several times for satisifaction. We had him in the high chair close to the stove and he was in the process of turning it on! Myself and Grandma had to react quickly and pull him away from that. Everything from buttons on the remote control for the TV to the Washing machine, every button must be pushed.

Oh, about the post about me traveling to the Canada in 4 weeks and me replying which country I like best? Not to be bias; but I prefer Canada. Sure everything is more expensive, but people don't seem to live in the underlying fear of Terrorist bombings or being invaded by a forigen power or whatever. I believe this was a really good decision for me right now in my life; it gives me some breathing room for things I want to explore and see what I am good at.

Well...It is pretty late right about now, and I am planning on going to bed, but before that; a Mental Note on Canada. Carry lots of change. At least 5 dollars worth.

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Timmah said...

Hey, if the united states gets invaded, guess who's going to be directly involved....yup Canada. If they come here, whats to stop them from crossing the border?