Friday, November 14, 2008

The last day...

Of work! Yeppers, the last day of work came and went, since they didn't make sales this week my boss decided to cut me working tomorrow. Sure it means a little less money, but hey, I'm not working at the moment. I am free as a bird. Until Monday.

That's when the bus leaves. I am seriously contemplating buying myself one of those little 'netbook' computers. I wont have any form of computer while I am up there and if I manage to sell my car, I would like to get myself one of those. Problem is that while they are kind of inexpensive, you've got to be aware of the one you are getting.

Ive researched them online, and I still think the best one came from Wally World(thats Wal*mart) for 400 dollars. I am hoping to sell my car and get one; It'd be nice to have a computer there rather than working from my grandmother's all the time.

I watched the Matrix last night. I love that movie. Its really kind of sad to see the rest of them fall downhill but the first is still the best. I am home alone for the time being; I don't really know where they are but oh well. I'm used to that.

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