Thursday, November 6, 2008


I am feeling really tired right now. I helped my mother pack up more of her stuff and started packing my stuff. Moving heavy things like dressers and awkward-sized lamps out to her storage unit; not to mention I have to go to work to night at midnight and work until 8AM. So...yeah, least to say, I am feeling a little less than enthused to be working tonight.

I get paid on Friday which is really nice, it wont be that big, but at least it will put the money I need towards a bus ticket. So the whole '4 week' plan to Canada kinda fell through, but I will get there, one way or another. It just might take me a little while to get there.

Its kind of odd to see the bookshelf half empty but thats the nature of moving, putting all your stuff into boxes and moving it. We are supposed to be out of this house by Saturday so that the renter can move in and set up home there. I will probably wind up living back at my older sisters for a bit until I get the bus ticket to Canada. Its an exciting time, and I cant wait to be up there.

Oh, about my still has not sold yet. Had a couple of nibbles, but nothing concrete. Ugh...more packing awaits me after I wake up tomorrow from work...but I need to get boxes from various fast food locations(their fry boxes are very well made) and use those to pack the rest of my Manga and video game consoles.

Its nice, taking charge of my life and deciding my direction which I will take. Ever since I graduated, I just went with the flow, didn't really care what happened to myself, and my circumstances gradually became worse; and I thought I didn't care but one day I woke up. I looked around at my life and said, "What the heck am I doing" I was headed in a direction I did not want for my life. Don't get me wrong: I like being near my family, its just one of those 'stretch your wings' kinda deal.

Every minute of every day, there are millions of paths life you can take. Sure mistakes are made, but we have knowledge to learn from them, and have the wisdom to apply them to the next curve in the road. When there are those days that don't go right for me, I always look for that other path and wander down it. I don't see the point in rushing through life; there is so much in each day that people just going through the motions are missing out on the majority of their lives. Stop and take a look around. You'd be surprised at what you find.

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