Tuesday, November 18, 2008


After about 1 day and 17 hours I am finally in Canada. That is correct; I am using my grandmothers computer to make this post. The trip was all right, really long and kind of boring but most Greyhound trips are. I managed to pack most of my clothes into two bags since the carry on consisted of books; mostly of the drawing Manga nature since they are kind of rare and hard to find.

The roads were ok and it was interesting seeing all the stuff along I-5 and going to Seattle. My first thought when I realized I was there was: Oh hey, there is an Anime convention here... and the rest of the trip was mostly uneventful. With the exception of Border Crossing.

Since I was on a bus, the process is sped-up to allow lots of people to get checked and across and waiting for the bus. They asked me the usual questions: 'where you headed, how long, any gifts?' ect. If you ever travel the border use one of my Mental Notes: Always answer honestly. It will make your life easier. We lost one of the passengers there at Nexus because of[I believe] falsified travel documents and a resulting search of his person and luggage.

Again, the rest of the trip was uneventful, I kept thinking to myself: right. Everything is in Meters and Liters... No joke there were Tim Hortons(for those not in the know, Tim Hortons is a wonderful delicious donut shop where they create wonderful little donut balls called Timbits.) at every single little town we stopped. And it made me smile.

I encountered rain, snow, sunshine, and even overcast on my way there. I had forgotten the beauty of the Rockies covered with snow. Now I can say I have pretty much traveled the West coast.

Well...its pretty late here my time with the hour change and all so I am going to turn it in for the night. Letting you all know that I am not dead in a ditch somewhere or stranded at some bus depot. I have made it. Now starts a whole new chapter of my life.

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