Friday, November 21, 2008

More stuff done...

Now I just need a job! Ive got my chequing account all ready up and running and awaiting some money! I need to make that happen pretty quickly and get some cash-flow into my pocket so I can do stuff.

I went tobogining today! It was really fun, we had a great time, watching my nieces slide down the hill, going over the jumps it was quite heartwarming. Nostalgic rather since I even went down twice! I had forgotten how fun it was until I got into one and slid down the hill... And afterwards I went to find the Beddington Towne Centre and look at get some applications and looking for a job but found RBC.

It was really nice to walk around today, the sun was out, drying off the sidewalks and keeping it warm as I went. Though the wind did pickup after I was done at the bank I kept going to the house and now here I am. I am proud to say I have an excellent sense of direction. Most of the time.

I noticed that Gmail came out with new Themes! I probably spent a solid half hour choosing the theme I wanted and finally settled on one: Terminal. It gives it kind of a Matrix-ly look to it that I like. Well, I probably should not spend much more time on grandmas compy but expect more from me in a couple of days as always.

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Jen said...

I miss toboganing! Allisons kids are your cousins, not your nieces dude. You only have one niece. And she's horribly sick at the moment. Sounds like you're getting settled. Good job. Miss ya.