Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mental Note: Something You Love...

I came to a realization. I am Otaku. I obsess over when the next Anime Convention is, who I am going to Cosplay as, and more importantly, I want rather pricey figurines that I cant afford right now. There is one catch to this however; I love being an Otaku. It makes my heart all fuzzy when I think of how much stuff I have collected. Upon my volumes of Anime and Manga, and growing number of figurines with two more in the processes of being added; I am not ashamed. This is what I love.
I constantly listen to various opening themes of Anime that I like and download AMVs made by other people and have made videos as well. if I did not have Anime...I really don't know where I would have wound up. All I know is this: Anime is my passion and anyone who does not like it; take a hike.

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