Sunday, December 30, 2007


Hello world! I thought I would give all of you an update. On the story of Super Mario Galaxy: when it first came out, I figured I was out of luck since I didn't reserve it at any game store. I looked around on the Internets, but couldn't find anything. Finally I called Best Buy asking if they had a copy. On the phone he told me that they were not on the shelves, but would take a look in the stock room for me. 47. They had 47 copies of Super Mario Galaxy on release day. I asked if they could hold it for me and I rushed there to claim my copy; it was really great to see those guys go out of their way.

Oh. I'm moving again. from this place into another...I belong to a family of gypsies so its all good. I know all about the moving process: packing, finding things you thought you had lost, going back over the memories of things that are dear to you. I always get caught up in the memories of the stuff I have and I read/play/draw for another half hour. I know its a bad habit, but meh.

I came across a good memory of mine. I love Phantasy Star Online. I love playing it on my GameCube. I love playing it online. But, since Sega shut down the servers worldwide, I cant really play online anymore. But thats where Schtservers comes in. They have their own private servers without a monthly fee! I found the last PSO game subtitled Blue Burst and downloaded it to my PC legally from Sega and I got started playing online again! It makes me smile, but what I want more, is to play it on my GC, since I know all the controls for it already and my old GC has a broadband connector. Just hooking up my Wireless B adapter to my GC and a copy of Gameshark and I will be free and happy on PSO; especially since I forked over money for an PS2/GC adapter to type coherently. Maybe I should just get the adapter from my old one and buy a new GC, since they are only 30 dollars...

Ill have to think about that...

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