Thursday, January 31, 2008

Workin for a livin...

Music: Tribute
Artist: Tenacious D

Let me explain what exactly what the title means. At one point recently I had three jobs waiting for me to be hired for. This was a very good thing to have happen to me, since I need the money to go back to school and get a job and all that good stuff. The first one was Comcast, which I had a telephone interview with and was scheduled to have a second interview. That never happened though and they put the position 'on hold' for an undisclosed amount of time. The second one was Goodwill, which now I would kill for, but I wanted to wait and see if Comcast was going to give me the job. Since that didnt wok out, they hired someone else for the position at Goodwill.

So now I drive back to Florence on the weekends and work the week there with my father. its not the best thing to happen to me, but its putting money into my wallet so I cant really complain.

Sorry, I was singing along with the song. I really like the songs Ive bought from iTunes, but I still cant see how the artists are loosing money over people downloading for free. I mean, they are making upwards of millions of dollars and it cannot be that damaging to let their songs be downloaded. If people really like the songs, usually the go and buy the album. I have done this plenty of times and thats how I used to get my music. But since the RIAA started to actually sue people over downloading songs, I regretfully had to make the switch to iTunes. Ive spent over 130 dollars just on songs. I thought the Internet was a medium for people to share information and new ideas, so why cant we share songs together?

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