Monday, July 6, 2009

Anime Expo: Year 2009

This year at Anime Expo was...AWESOME! Meeting up with old friends, meeting new ones, and looking at all the interesting stuff I couldnt really buy. Anyway, meeting up with my friends was awesome, they have changed so much in the past year I almost didnt recgonize them! It was nice to see them, and lots of interesting things to see there at Dealers Hall, like items called Smitts. What are Smitts you ask? Well, they are clever little winter accessories and they work like this:

They are a really long scarf like 6 feet or something and they have pockets sewed on the ends for your hands. So you can wrap it around your head and still use it like gloves. It was really neato. Aside from that, there was lots more of the usual Anime, Manga and various other anime related things like Cat Hats, which I picked up from my good friend again. Some of the things I wanted to go to were bust, so I didnt really pay any attention to them, and I never managed to get my cosplay done, so I didnt really participate in that too much.

Anyway, I couldnt really update my blog or my Facebook from AX directly because that would have cost me an arm and a leg. Even calling down here in the States is expensive. It costs 2 dollars a minute plus roaming. I dont even know about turning on the Internet and frankly I dont want to turn it on, as I would forget about it and it would run my bill horrendously high.

Well, since I am on my moms Internet I dont really want to keep this too exuberantly long so I will cut this short. I will make another post after I get home. See you all later and I cant wait for next year!

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