Monday, August 31, 2009

New direction...

So. As the title states, my life is moving in a new direction, a new view on life if you will. I am looking for a job, sending resumes, filling out applications, and all that stuff. So far Im clockin' in at 4 hours of sleep today, and Im probably going to get to work with only 4 hours still. I dont mean to brag on my work, but man I think my boss might be on Stupid Pills but I will keep quiet on here, since I think lots of people read this, since it updates both here and on the Book of Face.

Anyway, I think I gotta get ready for work, at least change and get on my way. I feel like I need sleep, but I know I wont get it today. I was at my 'other' job, which is looking for a new job. Hopefully I get the job either at Sony Style or EB Games. That would be AWESOME!

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