Saturday, August 8, 2009

My interesting dream!

I'm sure you've read on my facebook status now that I had an interesting dream, the first one I've had in a really long time.

Anyway, here goes. For some reason I was living or at least was in Eugene OR and I was driving down towards the city when I saw 4 little bear cubs sitting on the side of the road. I stopped and looked, got out of my car and found out they were very friendly. After being in town for a while I heard that there was a bear hunt going on because the mother had killed a little boy and the city was looking for it. After traveling in and out of the town, I realized that the cubs actually had that mother. When I stopped to see them again, I was chased by the momma bear back into my car. I started to drive away when this big machine pulled beside me and a older guy told me to look for the mother bear and her cubs; I got out of my car and ran across the busy highway and into a park. I looked for them, and found they had climbed up different trees. I signaled that I found them and a group of people gathered around to see the comotion. The guy appeared again and he looked over to a young woman dressed in black with dark eyes and black hair and said, "ok Sheila, you're up.". I turned to her to see a massive furnace, with 5 massive chambers and one already lit. I asked her what she was doing and this was the response I got from her: "well the mother killed a little boy so the entire family must be bad. We are fixing the problem." while saying that, she had walked to the top of the furnace, grabbed a piece of charred wood, snaped it in half and threw it down to the fire below. I pointed to her, telling her what she was doing was sick and wrong, and did the same to everyone who was there and told them that the only reason the boy might have died was because the mother was defending her cubs, I told every one there that we should return them to the wild where they belong. They stayed silent and I vocally refused to take anymore part in that and got back into my car.

And then I woke up. Strange no?

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