Saturday, February 20, 2010

Boogies Burgers

ive always heard of a better burger place than Peters. At first I didnt pay any mind to it, thinking it was only a few people who thought so, and then it started to gnaw on my brain that there could be something better than Peters.

Well, I finally decided to go there, and I grabbed my girlfriend and we went. The atmosphere is like a old 50s diner but its more updated and a little more modern. They even have a 'Peter Swear' jar. Every time you say the P word, you pay a quarter. I laughed and was going to have one of their burgers, but something caught my eye, it was called National Lampoons Hawaiian Vacation. basically its teriyaki chicken, grilled pineapple lettuce and tomato. It was really tasty and I plan on going back and officially trying one of their burgers. So this is kind of a partial review of Boogies and so far...

I LOVE IT. They even have a scary burger called Dont Fear the Reaper. Its 4 burger patties, bacon, swiss and cheddar cheese, and egg. it makes me shiver in fright but at the same time I cant help but think how tasty it would be...anyway, expect something else from me here too.

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