Monday, March 8, 2010

Movie Review: Alice in Wonderland

Hello everyone! Im back with a new review for movies! its been forever since ive done this, but bear with me for a little bit.

So. Alice in Wonderland. I thought it was a good show, an interesting twist on the original story of Lewis Carol's work. The imagery and acting was superb, with Johnny Depp stealing the show at some points, the others played their roles well, especially Alice, who I liked best out of the bunch. Interesting directions with the art and sets and the COSTUMES! I really liked the costumes, especially for the Red Queen. Having her head a little bigger than a standard size really came to play later in the movie, but all in all, I thought it was a great movie.

So thats for Alice in Wonderland. I would go see it again just to see if i could catch anything I missed from the first time.

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Anonymous said...

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