Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 5

Well. They said the smoke from the BC fires would have been gone by now, but it's still hanging around. It makes our fair city look like some of the bigger cities, complete with daily smog. Only ours stinks like trees and not like cars.

All right people the rumor-mill is true: I left my Home Depot job for something a little more stable. Like 8-5 mon-fri stable. Only thing is that it's through a staffing company, so I have no idea what happens after 3 months.

Anyway, I am flat broke at this moment in time, but I did manage to get a movie in, so it also happens to be Review time! Our new movie that I saw recently was Scott Pilgrim VS. The World.

Now for any Otaku or Video Game fans, this is the movie for you, especially if you're familiar with video game sounds. Lots of memorable tunes occasionally pop up in the movie and it's about the most visually cool movie I've seen in a long time. Better yet, it's based off a Manga that was written in Canada and the entire thing takes place in Toronto.

Our slacker of a hero Scott Pilgrim went between girls all the time and never really thought about what he was doing until he met Ramona Flowers, who changes Scott's world. Especially when he must fight the League of Evil Exs in order to be with Ramona.

Lots of funny comedy scenes along with some really action packed fight sequences. If you see only one movie this summer, make it Scott Pilgrim VS. The World

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