Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I know, almost a daily update, it's scary I know, I hope you'll get accustom to it. Anyway, not much to report from my end, but I'll make a post anyhow.

The strangest thing happens when you are wearing one earbud and listening to music: your mind fills in the left or right blank in the song...it's crazy. It's like reading words all messed up, only for music.

Anyway, I'm here at my job on my break making a post....it's cool. I'm getting a decent wage here unlike a giant orange box that will remain nameless.

Now I'm not listening to the music on my iPhone, I find I only get 8 hours of music and by the time I get home it's pretty much dead, so I'm afraid my battery is going....but I would like to get a hold of an older iPod to play music on, so I'm not relying on my Girlfriend all the time.

The iPhone solution works for about a year or so and then the battery dies after extended use. It makes me sad, but I know now not to use my iPhone for road trips unless I have a way of charging it, but at the moment my cig lighter shorted or something so I can't charge it in my car...

Anywho, I gotta head back to my job, I'll talk to you all later

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