Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hello everyone, I've been doing lots of thinking about Zombies and how they are portrayed in movies, which I think some movies get it right and others...fall way off the mark.

So I think we should begin with defining what a zombie actually is. I have the dictionary.com app on my iPhone and this is what it gave me:

1. the body of a dead person given the semblance of life, but mute and will-less, by a supernatural force, usually for some evil purpose.

Now with that, it makes sense with zombie movies; they are usually slow, can't really speak other than moans or screams and has enough motor function to walk. But what gets me is that some movies take this definition and throw it out the window.

I watched the remake of Dawn of the Dead and noticed somethings that zombies can't do; let alone a person with full motor function. They climbed up a sheer wall and crawled on the ceiling.

I looked to my girlfriend and laughed[although she is afraid of zombies she's conquering her fear by watching movies] and it just didn't make sense. She turned to me and laughed too, seeing the obvious error the movie had made.

In the Day of the Dead remake, there was a heavy set woman who was bit and turned into a zombie. I wouldn't have a problem with it if she didn't become an instant marathon runner! She was running like she didn't have any weight on her at all.

I think that when people turn onto zombies they don't gain any mystic power of knowing where people are or having inhuman strength. I believe that they will carry most of their physical traits over; if you're nearsighted or farsighted, you'll still have those things. Or if you're overweight you won't be able to run fast, or people in wheelchairs; they won't magically get up on their feet and come after you.

I think I'm just rambling at this point but you get the idea: zombies will be slow and kinda dumb, so that gives you an edge.

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