Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I love the Internet. All the websites, video archives, shopping, blogs, it's all exciting to me. Except for one thing: doing applications and resumes online.

I know the Internet has made our lives easier, but with one I think it makes it worse. 5-6 years ago, the way you found a job was running around town to locations, picking up applications and returning them.

Now, it seems that handing in applications or resumes on paper are worthless. I know from first hand experience; they would not take either my application or resume, but told me to go home and fill out the forms online. That's the part that does not make sense to me; I physically drive to a location and present myself to the company, showing that I have the drive to do things but am told to go home.

But still they tell me to fill it out online, even though it's all filled out and with my resume. That makes me kind of frustrated, so the person who sits on their butt and applies at home has the same chance than me who showed up at the place with both documents in hand? Personally I don't think that's right, there is something very wrong with that system.

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