Friday, July 29, 2011

Chrome OS

You're thinking '...more google stuff? Really?' I'm here to tell you, yeah I'm fascinated by what Google does; and this one really catches my attention.

By now you've heard of the new Chromebooks floating around your Bestbuy that are running Chrome OS. What I find interesting is that it's all done online.

When you're working with Chrome OS, your basically online; all the documents, pictures, and videos you make are stored online too. Missing an important file for a meeting? It will be online, and when your Chromebook is online, it will automatically sync between the two.

The majority of our computer usage is online: watching YouTube, listening to music, surfing, chatting, video calling. So many things we do on computers is stuff we do online; Google saw this and looked to the future and saw that Internet usage is only going to increase, therefore they made an OS that is both online and on a physical machine.

I'm on the same page as Google: more and more of my time with a computer will be spent online. I can only imagine how much data mankind can make online in the coming years. If you had told people 10 years ago that most of their photos, music, videos, and documents were going to be made online they would have laughed.

It's only recently that we have really fast Internet connections that are reasonably affordable; meaning that the Internet is only going to get bigger, and more people wanting to be online and creating content, either for personal use or public.

Chrome OS can fit those needs and evolve with the Internet; making it the OS that will stand the test of time.

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