Monday, March 17, 2008

The PC that will conquer Crysis

Ive heard that Crysis the PC game can hardly be run at full frame with all the effects turned up and all the bells and whistles turned on. Well...I just rounded up a bunch of components and I think I just made the PC to conquer Crysis and give it a run for its money.

First off, we are going to need a motherboard, this one should do, and of course we need a Processor, like this one. Next we need a case to house it, Since what is a computer without a cool case? Of course we need POWA to this beast, and we will be needing lots of this goodness right here too. This is the wallet-breaker but we are going to need two of these Monsters. And last but not least, we need some place to store everything right? This one should do the trick.

There, now we have a monster of a system that will play Crysis in its sleep. I just added up the total for this beast of a computer and you might be surprised: it came to less then 2,000 dollars. The exact amount is 1968.91$

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Timmah said...

I can conquer Crisis, no really I can. Buy it, bring it over, and I'll smash it with I hammer. Now THAT is how you really beat a game baby!!! Hey Happy birthday your hoser! I have a new blog as well, check it out. Later tyson.