Thursday, May 15, 2008

Movie Review: Speed Racer

Ive been going to the movie quite a bit nowadays... especially since I got my tax rebate. From the title, the movie I went to see was Speed Racer. I have not watched the original series that the movie is based from, but the Wachowski Brothers have pulled off another amazing movie. The actors play their parts very well, especially John Goodman, whom I have not seen in a major picture....since Monsters Inc, though it was a computer animated film.

Even days later there are still scenes that stand out in my mind, one of them being around the middle of the movie where the race starts when the queen sees the rising sun. The racing sequences are very intense, and will make you slide to the edge of your seat; the original animation used lots of the same images, but the Wachowski Brothers gave the series a radical makeover and it shows. This movie is worth the price of the ticket and popcorn. I know that soda and popcorn is more than the movie, but it adds to the experience, and Speed Racer requires the full theater experience.

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