Monday, June 9, 2008

Don't worry...

Be happy! Thats how my attitude should be, but in reality I'm very nervous. My math Final is today and I have a raging cold, which does not add to my concentration at all. But its a 'Do or Die' moment so its got to be done. In other happy news, Anime Expo is right around the corner!

...OK, well technically its not around any corner but it is coming up soon! I keep track of the days using this little webpage I like to stare at the milliseconds ticking away, waiting for my vacation to come.

Since I am traveling by bus again this year, I was going to be stuck without any movies or AMVs to keep me company. Until I learned that I could run Homebrew software on my Nintendo DS. For those not in the know, Homebrew is software developed usually by single people and not for profit and it bypasses the orginal software installed by Nintendo. What does this mean? Well, I can play movies from my DS using a Compact Flash card and a little program to convert my videos stored on my computer to a format that the DS can play. I have ordered all the parts I will need, and I just need them to get here before July so I can put movies onto my 8GB Compact Flash card.

Of course I might install a couple of games on there as well, since it can emulate other systems, but since I'm too poor to afford an iPod Touch or a PSP, I will make due with my modified DS instead.

There! now you are all caught up on my blog and whats been happening recently. When AX comes closer I will post more about it, and if I can get access to a compy there I might even make a post from there! In the mean time, I might post special memories of previous Anime Expos that I have been to.

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