Friday, June 20, 2008


Well, Finals were last monday, and I thought I did pretty well. Yesterday a very cool piece of tech came via the mail and I get the feeling its going to change the way I use my Nintendo DS forever. I can use a Compact Flash disk and put all of my movies on it and watch them, whenever I want! This will make any future traveling painless. All of my videos without compressing them in the correct format take up around 8 GB worth of data on my computer. However, I managed to get most of them and a full length movie on there too, and it only take up 1 GB! Meaning I still have roughly 7GB left for pretty much anything I want, and I'm filling it up with neat homebrew programs that people have developed.

However, yesterday all was going really well with my card, though the instructions were a little iffy, I managed to figure it out. Now, when I try and put new folders on there, I cant make them inside of other folders since it will almost certainly crash my system and create two folders inside of the one. But I figured a way around this: Up loading everything first to the root, and THEN moving it around on the card has worked wonders for me. While it does not look too pretty, since the case that was to enclose the CF card was bugging out and the USB port does not work at all, I have to write everything directly to the card from my PC to the adapter. But its so worth it. I love solving my own problems, even though I get frustrated at times, when I finish something without the help of someone else, it brings a smile to my face.

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