Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Yes, though its been quite a while, I am still here. Not much is new with me, just working, and sleeping during the daytime hours, though I feel like sometimes I am not getting enough sleep for what I do. For the past week or so at arouind 8PM I feel really, really sleepy and my body tells me to go to bed, but I know I need to go to work that night, so its a real problem.

How to fix it; I have no idea. I wish I knew. Maybe working graveyard shifts are finally getting to me, after roughly 2 and a half months. Who knows.

Another reason why Ive been away for so long was taht my Uncle came out of the blue and decided to stay here for a while. I'm indifferent to the idea, since its been very long since I have seen him last but something signifiantly changed with him: he is a WoW addict. For those not in the know that World of Warcraft. I never thought he would play video games but I guess it keeps him in contact with this kids and he enjoys it so its good right?

Anyway, when he came down, he brought his own router. I didnt have a problem with this, as he could have just connected to the existing network here and played, but nope. He removed our router and replaced it with his, requireing to change all the network settings for the different computers in the house.

I am keeping a closer watch on my iPhone useage now, especially since that the unlimited local calling, unlimited texts and unlimited data are comming to an end on the 26th of March. Ive been really good tough; they give a Gigabyte of data to use and to date... I have sent 8.2MB and recieved 156MB worth of data. Thats all my useage since December 26th when I bought the thing. I think I can stick to my plan so its not really something to worry about.

Tonight is my Friday night, as I get the next two days off of work, and Im loving it! I cant wait to get back to a 'normal' sleep cycle again; will it work? I have no idea, but its nice to dream right? Speaking of dreaming...I need to sign my lotto ticket I bought... Im bad I know.


Rach said...

you don't work until after midnight though right? So you can take a nap right?

Timmah said...

Tyson, tyson....I happen to be the graveyard Guru. Here is what you need to start doing. First, make sure you have heavy fabric over your windows so you can have your room as dark as possible during the day. when You get off at 7:00 in the morning, stay awake for about 3 hours after that, and then crash. Wake up whenever, and do it all again the next day. If you keep this routine up, in about 3 days you'll feel right as rain.