Thursday, March 19, 2009


I used to be really good on this whole blogging thing. At first it was around every two days but now its spanning out like a week between posts...Which I think is a bad thing because stuff will happen and then I will forget to post it here.

Problem is that not much happened during the week, until Saturday that is...because its MY BIRTHDAY ^_^ It makes me really happy, and for those wondering, I will be 24. That doesnt sound old when I type it out, but if I say it aloud its being ancient or something, especially with my grey hair...its really quite sad.

But I wont let it get me down! Besides, I still have to paint one of my iPhone cases to make it look like an Ocarina for my Link cosplay! Yep, I have the paint and stuff already to go, but I think painting it will pose the biggest challenge, because it is in two pieces and has three holes in the case for speakers, mic, butons and the computer connection. I need to put some batteries in the camera I brought with me and take some pictures along the way to show you all how its going.

Im really excited to start working on this will complete the cosplay and I offically dub it: iPhone of Time.

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Jen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!