Friday, October 23, 2009

And it all falls down...

I'm at work now and all I can say is this: I am done here at 7-11. I put in all kinds of extra time and effort and what do I get for it? Nothing. Not a 'oh good job tyson,' or a complitement from the boss and with my hours cut, it makes me wonder what my boss is up to, but then realize that she can't be up to much because she doesn't care. I told her that day shift doesn't do their shift duties, and we are the one gets ignored when we have a request.

So I am leaving Hell, and want to know the best part? I saw a shooting star on the way here, and my horoscope also tells about my decision about work and says to do it for personal reasons, so i'm leaving this job. I will miss my regulars here who come in, but as for my boss, and the job?

Good luck finding a night crew.

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