Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fat Princess

Is a game that is coming out for the Playstation Network sometime in the near future, the object of the game is to rescue your princess from the dungeon of the foe. Only problem is that they stuffed the Princess with sweets, meaning you will need lots of people to get her out. While this has drawn lots of attention for wrong reasons, I cant help but write a story about the game....Its my creative juices at work. Im going to put it in my blog first then update my archive.

"Counselor, we have discovered the location of the Princess!" A young man burst through the door, causing everyone in the room to turn to him, "Where is she lad?" The older man asked, beckoning him to him; the man walked into the room, standing in front of a table with a map covering the entire top. "Here, she is being held at their castle just cross the river..." Tracing a line with his finger from their castle to the other on the map. "You have done well Simon, we must do a covert operation to retrieve the princess at once! Simon!" The Counselor turned to him, "you found the location; you shall lead the team." Simon bowed, "Thank you." "WAIT!" One of the men spoke up, "What if that location is a trap?"
Bowing his head the Counselor spoke, "for the sake of the Kingdom, that is a chance we must be willing to take to save Princess Aleta." Lifting his head, he spoke again, "All those who are going to perform this task must meet at Dusk outside the gates of the castle; that is all." Simon walked slowly out of the drafty room, through the stone passages of the castle and finally reached the top; looking to the west to the other castle where Princess Aleta was. Simon had black hair and dark eyes, he proudly wore the crimson uniform of the Kingdom of Forland.
Dusk finally came, and a group of six men gathered outside of the castle walls when the Counselor appeared, "You know where Princess Aleta rests, deep in enemy territory, if you have any objections; now is the time." He said, looking over the group, "very well, go and retrieve the Princess." With that, the group left, being led by Simon; after several hours of walking they crossed the river and the enemy castle came into view. "Keep quiet now...their guards might be keeping watch..." Simon whispered to his companions, and the chatter dulled to silence; they slowly made their way to the castle. Breaking into the castle, they grabbed several torches, lighting the way down the dark hallways. "Wait..." Simon whispered after hearing footsteps, the group quickly dispersed, fleeing into the darkness.
The sun started to rise while the group had searched nearly every inch of the castle, "maybe this was a trap..." they began muttering, when one of them heard something and shushed them. Walking slowly, they came to a solid wall; Simon came to the front and started feeling the wall this his hands and found a block out of line with the wall and pushed it in. Slowly the wall rotated, revealing Princess Aleta. The entire group, including Simon had their jaws to the floor, their beautiful princess had become large and heavy! Simon was the first to approach her, "Princess? Is that you?" She nodded, various portions of flubber bouncing with it, "yes, however I am unable to walk very far since they have fed me nothing but sweets..." Simon looked back at the group, seeing that the majority of the group was in their older years, he turned back to Aleta, "I..." He started, "I don't believe we have enough manpower to get you out of here Princess..." She tried to stand, but could not get herself stable and fell on her bottom, "then you must capture their princess and do the same to her! Then come back with enough men to take me home." Simon's gaze fell to the ground, then he looked up to Aleta and nodded, "As you wish Princess," turning to his group, "You heard Princess Aleta, we are going to capture the Princess of Utsuho!"

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