Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Not much...

Im just enjoying myself tonight. After tomorrow, my summer class will be already halfway over! Its flying by really quickly, but I'm not worried. I just makes it so I got to get things done on time! Previously my main email account couldnt send my assignments to my professor, but I used my alternate one and it went through fine! That was a big sigh of relief. Now I can get the work and get it in on time without worrying about turning it in the DAY OF.

I recently came across one of these Tetris Cubes and I have to say...ITS WRACKING MY BRAIN! Its really tough, since all of the pieces are different, supposedly there are over 9000 ways to put it back together! The best part is...I got it for 1$. Yep from a Dollar Tree close to where I live. I wonder what people would do without dollar stores...I am getting better at it though, when I use the packaging box the pieces came in; it makes it much more clearer...and also frustrating at the same time. I can make a cube...but most of the time it will spots missing or not in-line with a plane.

Just wanted to update you guys with a random tidbit of info...OH! now that I think about it, Sony revealed their TV/Movie side of the Playstation Network! and I managed to get a hold of a brand-new Anime called Xam'd Dawn of War! I only managed to watch it once, since it had a rental time of 24 hours. Expect the review soon!

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