Friday, September 19, 2008


If you are remotely attached to the gaming scene then you will know about Mega Man 9. If you are not aware, Mega Man 9 is the next entry in the fantastic Mega Man series that started on the NES, and has appeared on the SNES, Sony Playstation, Sega Satrun, with an anniversary edition on the Xbox, PS2, and finally the Game Cube.

What makes Mega Man 9 different you ask? Well, the biggest factor is the entire style of the game. Its fashioned after the early 8-bit games that appeared on the NES. Think of the original Mega Man games on that system and you've got the idea. now add really cool 8-bit music to it also and its a blast from the past. Supposedly this game is really hard, all reports from the press claim it goes back to the NES-toughness of the original games. Whats even better? The release date.

This wickedly awesome blast from the 8-bit era is set for release on WiiWare on Monday the 22 of September! *_* it makes me really excited, since Ive already picked up the originals on the Virtual Console for my Wii. Monday. I can't believe its already so close! I cant wait for this one...

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