Friday, September 12, 2008

Post number 80!?

Wow...that is a lot of posts! Anyway, I had the pleasure of taking Roo (the stepfamily's dog) out for a walk tonight. X_X it was murder...he has this idea that if he can overpower you, he can lead the way and go where he wants. I had to take the time to prove him otherwise. I will admit he is a powerful dog, I dont know its breed...I wish I knew.

Anyway, he likes to play with his food too. After a while he will nab his food dish and play with it, causing the food to go everywhere. Its a real hassle to clean up, but I am planning on getting him something other than kibble. Since I'm working tomorrow I can pick up some food from where I work and see if he likes it. No harm in trying right? And another strange thing...he eats ice. He will just chomp it down like food, not licking it at all; just munching it down. Really weird...

I dont really have much else to I guess its good night then.


Rach said...

He's a boxer mix...very HYPER dogs! The only thing with my trainging's 100 pages. So I really don't want to sit there and scan or copy that much. Why don't you tell me what you want to teach him, and I'll tell you how to train him???? sounds fair enough?

Rach said...

ice is good for him...let him keep doing far as tossing food everywhere, the second he reaches for that bowl to toss it around, pick it up-and put the food away----no more....his stomach will soon get the message that when you put the bowl down it's dinner time...don't have the bowl sitting out with food all the time either..only make it available when it's dinner time/breakfast time.