Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Moved Again!

Yep, as the title so boldly states, I have moved again. No its not the move to California. Not yet. I did manage to get a Twin sided bed which I am sitting on right now...and my feet don't touch the floor XD It makes me feel like a kid. Anyway, I have most of my belongings out of my old place, and I found several book cases for all my video games, Anime, Manga, movies, ect. Lots of stuff Im suprised it all fits in the book shelf I found in their garage.

Anyway enough about that. I have another piece of exciting news, I very early this morning bought my copy of The Forbidden Kingdom on Blue-Ray! It is one of the coolest movies that ever came to Blue-Ray and it is totally worth it. There were lots of other titles there too, like Kill Bill volume 1 & 2 but the Forbidden Kingdom was all I wanted. All righty...now after my long packing day I am headed to get some food.

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