Sunday, February 10, 2008

Thinking about Portals...and other things.

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Artists: Various

I've been thinking about how a Portal would really work. The few things I can come up, would be like a 'matter pusher' which would rip a wormhole in the matter and open the way through to the other side of the portal. That would be the easiest thing to start with, the other idea I had would be a release of anti-matter with a barrier of some kind to stop it from spreading, consuming the surrounding matter. Those would be some of the things that could make a portal, though sustaining it for periods of time...I have no clue.

Anyway, on to other things at hand. I am back in Florence for the week since I still do not have a job... its tough and now my father has put lots more to think about for my it wrong that I am 22 almost 23 and still unsure about my major? I mean...the coolest job ever I think would be a voice actor in Anime. Sure the pay is not great; but the reward is tremendous...I mean, imagine this: after you are all done recording, you see your name in the closing credits. That would be the pinnacle of cool!

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