Sunday, April 6, 2008

Goin' Shopping!

Yep...its midnight, and Im going shopping. I know this seems weird to lots of people, but when you think about it this way it all suddenly makes sense and worthwhile: Since its in the middle of the night, most people have gone to sleep right? Meaning that the stores will be empty, letting you be free to walk around the store looking for stuff without the hassle of bumping into someone every 15 seconds during the day.

I know I should really be asleep, and I admit I have bad sleeping staying up late and waking up late. But I am proud to say that when I have to wake up early, I can do it. Waking up at 4AM for work is no big deal; In fact its kinda cool to be working when you KNOW most everyone is asleep. Also...I found a cool video from Youtube, and I cant stop watching much that I managed to download the video and rip the audio from it... >_> I know its bad...but now I can take the song wherever I go with my Ipod! If you are really interested, I will post the video for you all...Trust me when I say that its a little bit out there for people who are not into Anime much.

谷口は大変な物をうおわっすまんごゆっくりぃ!v2 I think the reason why this video fascinates me is the footage and how its arranged...the song is really fast and filled with crazy unnatural pacing but its pulled off very well...there are hardly any flaws in this one.... plus I cant stop watching stated previously...

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Robins Blog said...

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