Saturday, April 12, 2008

When a good thing breaks....

It breaks your heart. I just found that my beloved Wii, is broken. When I boot it up, it says that the System Files are corrupted. Since Ive been around computers for quite a while, I know how important these files are, and since they are corrupted, it means I wont be able to do any Brawling online for a while...I wonder if this is related to my other Wii problem I had recently?

The other problem was that I was getting an error message from the News Channel, when I started it, the channel stopped instantly and gave me the error code of NEWS000001. Far as I know there are not too many News channel errors or Wii errors in general, so its kinda a bummer that I have to send in my console to get it repaired, but I am still impressed with Nintendo's track record. Out of all the systems I have ever owned, going from the early NES to the Wii, I have only ever had problems with two of them: one being an SNES and now my Wii. Just received my confirmation numbers from Nintendo, so Im going to cut this short and see what they need me to do on my end.

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Vin Lauria said...

This is exactly what is happening on my console and I can't find an ounce of info on what's going on.

The only conclusion I can draw is that it (and yours) is defective.