Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mental Note: Customer Service

I want to take this minute here and let me announce something to the entire world: Nintendo has the best customer service. After finding out the cost of my repair, I wondered if my system was still under warranty, and when I called their 800 number after the menus, I found myself talking to the customer assistant and together we found that in fact my console was still under warranty and told me that they would try and keep the system data in tact; like all my Miis and my various saved games and what-not. After the pleasant conversation, she also told me that shipping it to the repair center would be free. Yes free. The best things in life are still free. Anyway, all I had to do was pack up my Wii into a box and drop it off at a local FedEx building and it was picked up on Monday, so its off on its way to Repairland.

In other news, I am feeling pretty good about my Mathematics. After being away from school for a year, I managed to get As on my homework and a 70% on a quiz. I love the fact that my head retains information for quite the long period of time, and I feel pretty good about myself as stated previously. Programming on the other hand...is like a living nightmare...

Im not doing too well in that area...I can copy code all day and write Algorithms that will work on paper, but as soon as I sit down and try to write real code...it all falls apart. Its kind of disheartening. But, I will keep on trying and I will pass this semester of Java...although some of the questions are getting quite hard already...though they seem easy enough on paper; actually coding them is another matter entirely.

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Timmah said...

that sucks about your wii..........I have a freind who has a freind who had afriend once, and the same thing happend to him. Crazy!!! so are you going to disneyland with us or not?