Monday, October 6, 2008

Road Trip Part Deux!

Well! I bet you were all waiting with bated breath for the update on the Road Trip huh? weren't? Hm...need to change my approach. Anyway, my boss(being the AWESOME boss) he is managed to give me the days I require off for the Road Trip! Jubilations! It makes me really happy. I didn't honestly really have to drill it to him, I was kinda like "hey my dad called last night seeing if I could go to Canada for Thanksgiving" He was like, "oh. Ok, Ill see what I can do, you are going to work an extra shift for it."

Sweetness! So expect something from my when I reach my destination on probably early Thursday night since there will be adults who all can drive so we might just make a straight shot through the night. I Promise to bring my camera and take lots of photos. Only those of me and landscape and city sky-line you are going to see. While this is my blog, I am not about to spring the whole blogging thing on the rest of my family.

Im currently draining my Ipod for the trip so I can get a nice, full charge out of the thing. I don't know what Im going to do about my cellphone. It cannot keep a charge for the life of it. I cannot carry a decent conversation unless its plugged into the wall socket! Then, after its died from talking on it I will turn it back on and just joking! It comes back with a single bar of battery life.


Rach said...

So you are coming to Canada?!?! should have called Dad to let him know!

Chison said...

I have called Dad he already knows. I will be a really fun road trip! Its been forever since I have been back...