Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blast through the Roof!

SO! My life has had an exciting turnabout! I showed off the house today, even though I had cleaned it up, it was still kind of a disaster, but they didn't mind. So they call back later and say that they want the house as soon as we can move out! What was a nice, meandering pace has now become a NASCAR breakneck speed! Ive got lots to do tomorrow, such as calling both my father and grandmother and getting my car photo'd and up on Craigslist.

I even washed and vacuumed and cleaned it! Those that know me will remark this as a momentous event. Plain and simple: My car wont weather a Canadian Winter, which requires a block heater to keep the battery from being totally drained and driving it there is kind of a worry since I don't have money to get the brakes looked at or the Transmission looked at either. I can't say for certain if I would get behind the wheel of a full car without having the brakes looked at.

Lots of stuff is going to happen within the next week or so. I will probably be in Canada right on time now, haha funny how life turns inside-out to reveal another path to your destination.

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