Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Update.

HA! see? It came around after all. Well, of course it would come but its a little bit sooner than you expected huh? Anyway, the status of the moving scene: End of October is the plan. Of course that means fixing the rest of the house, including the bathroom(which is really a mess, but workable) We have already had some people looking at the house even in its 'incomplete/moving' state. I am super excited to be moving down to California; someplace new and exciting.

Anyway, singing to a different tune, lets talk about the Bailout/Recession progression shall we? For the past(my memory is a little fuzzy this far back but I do remember Alan Greenspan talking about this) 8 years the Chairperson of the Department of Treasury was always saying that the inflated economy will eventually burst, resulting in a economic recession. However, like we are we didn't want to hear what he had to say and went about our daily lives, taking loans and mortgages and second mortgages in efforts to afford what we want.

Well, after all that time ignoring the one person who spoke about what was happening and after he retired from his position, Alan Greenspan wrote a book on the subject. Which judging by the current state of the economy, I surmise not a whole lot of people read it. Flash forward to present day. Lots of people cant make due on their loans, while the banks hand them out like water, and the banks go: "oooh crap! We dont have enough money to loan out to people!" Which causes everyone from the poor to multi-million dollar peoples of this country to default on their loans and not be able to pay them. Was the bailout of 700 Billion dollars worth it for the average American? For right now, there is not a lot going for them, because even though the bailout passed Congress and will probably be signed into action; then it begs the question 'where will the money come from?'

We won't know the outcome of this for years, probably decades later until we know the true impact of what the bailout means to the various banks and subsequent stocks and the world market.

While it is an interesting topic to ramble about for an entire post, I believe I will stop there. My eyelids are getting droopy and my throat burns--probably from the onset of a cold. Oh, one more thing.

Oregon is the strangest place I have ever been to. The people are interesting granted, but its the weather that really gets me stirred. Imagine this: You are driving with the window down, it being a sunny day, with only a few clouds in the distance when suddenly you see raindrops on your wind shield. Yes raining. Not just a little sprinkle, but a full on downpour; this is the weirdness of Oregon I cannot stand. It toys with my makes me happy for the sunshine and sad for the rain at the SAME TIME.

With this post, I bid you all good night, as its quite late here, its past 1AM already, which means its time for bed, even though I had an energy drink at around 9PM of yesterday. Its a good thing I don't work tomorrow.

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