Monday, June 13, 2011

Nintendo Wii HD

Oops. I meant to say the Wii U. Aside from the fancy presentation at E3 this year, the next console from Nintendo sounds quite awesome on paper: HD graphics, new controller, and the list goes on. The biggest thing that makes me excited is the fact that we finally, FINALLY have HD for the Wii.

Honestly I've been waiting on that single feature ever since they released the Wii way back in 2006[I can't believe it's 5 years old! That's crazy!] I remember retailers always being out of stock of the Wii component cables, everybody wanted them, secretly wishing they had full-blown 1080 resolution.

And Nintendo is planning on changing the way we play games. Again. I like the concept of the touch-screen controller, I think there will be lots of innovations both from Nintendo and from the hacker community. I can almost see a version of Android popping on the Wii U's controller, it's only a matter of time

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