Friday, June 17, 2011

Backing it up

I think with all my talk of all the bad stuff that could happen, I think it's time for a brighter topic; namely backing up recent human history.

What do I mean by backing it up? Well exactly like it sounds, putting it all onto a computer and keeping the information. Where would I put something important like this? I would put it in Switzerland, I mean think: they've always been neutral in the wars we have experienced.

What would go on the computer, I think it should contain a record of recent human history. How recent am I talking? Well I would say from the 1850s on: stuff from before this time are typically bias to their own thinking. The things that would go on it would be like snippets on the different languages, national boundary locations, photos of the different nations, landmarks, histories of different countries.

I would also put a detailed description of the births of the nations if the world, major events and disasters that effected the globe. Basically everything you'd find in an encyclopedia would go onto the computer. I imagine it would be done by professionals providing the unbiased history; nothing from Wikipedia since that changes all the time.

And it would be public knowledge about it's location. If only government officials know the location and the modern world goes down the drain; most likely government officials will be gone first from rioting or destruction and it would be lost. I would build it into a mountain, like NORAD where it could survive a nuclear explosion. It would be powered by the grid, but when the power goes out, it would run on batteries, or a hydro-electric plant, or some kind of natural power source.

I think I'm rambling at this point so I'll leave it there. It's nice to make almost daily updates, it gives a sense of accomplishment, knowing I can stick to a pseudo-schedule.

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