Saturday, June 18, 2011

I KNEW it!

I had been telling people all along that watching the reality TV shows are really dumb. They claim they are 'reality' but have you ever watched the ending credits? Have you seen how many writers there are?

Now its just me, but if they were going for a true reality series, they wouldnt need writers, because it would all come from the people on the show. But clearly thats not the case, as with Surivor, or Teen Mom, and especially Jersey Shore. In fact I read an interesting article about what happens to people after they watch 'reality' shows: it makes them dumb. I had been telling people for as long as Surivior came around that reality TV was just a ploy for more ratings and seasons and I was right. I hate it when Im right, because it usually takes years for other people to catch on and say 'Hey, what are the damaging effects of TV like this?'

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