Friday, June 10, 2011

Now for Mobiles!

Yep, I just updated the ol' blog with a new feature that blogger should have had a long time ago: a Mobile version of the Mental Notes! Yeppers, now rather than having a massive page to load onto your smartphone, it will load a mostly text version of the site.

Personally this feature should have been out like a couple of years ago...Mobile phones with internet have been around for a long time and Blogger just released the mobile version for blogs today I take it...It took like 8 years for a mobile version of my blog to come around?

I just think it would be nice if Blogger kept with the times, but meh, the blog is still here, and Ive been updating on a semi more regular basis. Oh if your smartphone/dumbphone doesnt load the mobile page correctly put this after the web address: /?m=1 I know on my Opera browser for iPhone it didnt load the mobile page but with that little addition it loaded it just fine.

Well, not much else to write about so im off to make delicious, hot popcorn...mmmm popcorn.

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