Thursday, June 16, 2011


I heard all about the aftermath of game 8 of the Stanley Cup. I mean really? Rioting in the streets won't change the fact that our team lost.

It's really sad to see how far people will go when their team doesn't win. I understand hockey is Canada's game. I understand that some people bleed hockey; and that it's ingrained from a young age. What I don't understand is how it could get so out of hand.

Yes everyone has a favorite team, mine are the Flames, but I don't follow hockey religiously, or make it my heartbeat. I'll get a little more into fan-mode when the Flames come close, but that's all. I won't go out of my way and take time off work to watch a Flames Stanley Cup, or head downtown and cram with other people trying to watch the game.

If Hockey is Canada's game, then all we've shown to the world is that we are a bunch of sore losers. All of the Gold Medal glory from the Olympics is gone, just as fast as the last buzzer sounded; it's quite sad that all of the work from Vancouver is torn down in an instant.

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